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What is KTelescope

KTelescope is a robust Client/Server control library for Meade's LX200 based telescopes. The library is divided into two components: A Low level module that allows access to the LX200 command set, and a Client/Server skeleton for remote control.

Author: Jasem Mutlaq (mutlaqja@ikarustech.com)

Note: INDI has been integrated into KStars and therefore no more development will take place on the sourceforge site. If you'd like to keep in touch with KTelescope/INDI development, please check KStars site.


  • [15-April-2003] KTelescope now uses the INDI protocol which required some fundamental architectural changes. INDI (Instrument-Neutral-Distributed-Interface) is a scalabale protocol for remote control of astronomical devices.
    It will support telescope, CCDs, focusers, guiders..etc; the following is a screenshot of INDI under Xephem.

  • [24-Mar-2003] I have commited a preliminary KStars GUI module. The module support basic GOTO operations, plus providing a GUI to access and control the LX200 commands. I'm planning to add a cursor to indicates the telescope position.

  • [11-Mar-2003] I commited a basic KStars telescope module. It supports some of the critical telescope functions. A lot of architectural changes have been also commited. Telescope query and data access are seperate now. The server and client modules have been cleaned up. Furthermore, Xephem author Mr. Elwood suggesed that KTelescope employs the INDI protocol he developed. I might use the protocol after I get the basics done.

  • [2-Mar-2003] Support for LX200 GPS will be added to the LX200 library.

  • [2-Mar-2003] There is good progress on the library, an Alpha release should be available soon. I'm currently also adding a KStars modulo that uses the library.

  • [25-Feb-2003] I'm back again! It's been a long time and I finally was able to borrow a classic LX200 Telescope to debug the library. I stopped coding a couple of months ago due to the erratic behavior of my LX90 telescope. I will try to diagnose the problem.

  • [24-Feb-2003] USB support will be added to the library. Many recent laptops are replacing the traditional serial port with USB ports. Since connecting to LX200 telescopes is still done via the serial port, adding a USB support and using a USB to Serial converter is necessary. You can guess that my laptop is one of those "recent" series-less laptops :-).

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    Last updated on May 29. 2003